Our Approach

Fantastic Opportunity to Digitise your Balanced Scorecard : No Implementation Charges

Data Point a dynamic software solution for Balanced Scorecard used by many million turnover organisations to digitise their lean journey.

How a Computerised Balanced Scorecard will help You?

  • Better strategic planning
  • Improved strategy communication and execution
  • Streamlined for data channels
  • Digital Visual – Graphic representation
  • Eliminates manual process for data interrogation
  • Interacts with current data capture so no reworks and data entries
  • Strategic as well as operationally focused
  • Better alignment of continuous improvement projects and initiatives

We realised people in lean like to use software solutions for lean manufacturing, however they think more about the cost of implementation and return on investment, so LTS decided to go with a new cost model " pay us only if you believe it works for you"

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